Keurig Strikes Back

keurig 031Keurig’s new line of coffee machines will feature a technological restriction on what coffee you can use in it. If your coffee of choice hasn’t paid a licensing fee to Keurig Green Mountain (the company’s new name; I’m going to keep calling it “Keurig” because the new name is dumb), you’re out of luck. According to an article at

…Keurig is planning to fight back with its Keurig 2.0…

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The Baker’s Jar

The Baker’s Jar


I cannot tell you how many times i’ve rewritten this article. I’ve been here a handful of times over the past few months and every time I walk in, I learn something new that I must go back and edit in this essay. I talk to the owner, try a new dessert, or explore something on the wall i was blind to the first time around. But wIthout fail, the first thought that comes to my mind when I walk…

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How does your coffee sound?

What does your coffee say?

Preston Wilson wants us to listen to our coffee beans to get the perfect roast.

Acoustic researcher Preston Wilson normally spends his time studying underwater sounds. But, like many of us, Wilson often relies on coffee to keep him energized. He’s enough of a coffee connoisseur, too, that he roasts his own beans. And he noticed that the sounds those beans make while roasting give away where they…

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The Perfect Coffee Price Storm?

Conditions are ripe to cause the price of coffee to skyrocket this year.

As we talked about last week, Coffee Rust continues to ravage the Central American coffee crop.

To make matters worse, Brazil is experiencing an ongoing drought. Combined, they are exacerbating the coffee market. As a result, as Joseph Stromberg reports, we will all be paying a lot more for our coffee very soon.

It’s taken a while for this to be reflected in the retail price of coffee, because…

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